Repair Process

1. Getting an estimate
The original estimate written for your vehicle is an observation of the visible exterior damages to your vehicle. Often, there will be more damage discovered when your vehicle is torn down for repair. These damages are called supplemental damages, and are recognized by your insurance company. We will handle supplements on your behalf, and there will be no further action required on your part. An original estimate can be obtained from our facility or from your insurance company.
2. Insurance Approval
After an original estimate is obtained, we will negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. More often than not, the insurance company will provide their own working estimate. This is not a problem; we work with all insurance companies. We believe it can be beneficial to you to have a copy of our estimate when meeting with your insurance company. With our estimate in hand, your provider has a copy of our observations, and provides them with the repair facility you have chosen.
3. Make Appointment and Order Parts
As soon as the insurance company approves an estimate, whether it is ours or theirs, the repair process can begin. If your vehicle is not drivable and is at our facility, we will begin repairs. If your vehicle is drivable, we will order the replacement parts and set an appointment. Once parts arrive, you will be notified and your appointment confirmed. This is to minimize the time spent out of your vehicle.
4. Disassembly and Body Repair
At this stage, we remove the damaged parts from your vehicle and inspect for supplemental (hidden) damage. We start with structural repairs, if any, to ensure new body panels fit correctly. We utilize an advanced laser measuring system to ensure your vehicle meets factory measurements and is within the factory specified tolerances. After structural repair, the new body panels required will be fitted to your vehicle.
5. Refinishing
Before any color is applied to your vehicle’s new body panels, all panels must be prepared properly. This process includes sanding, taping, and cutting in (painting of jambs and hidden areas that still require paint). After prep, all panels are primed and sealed. These steps ensure proper adhesion of color and clear coats. Then the panels are painted, first color coats, and then clear coat. When all coats have been applied, your vehicle is then baked in one of our state of the art paint booths. Post-paint, we sand and buff the freshly painted panels to provide the factory texture the rest of your vehicle possesses.
6. Build Up
This is the final step of our repair process. All parts are reassembled including any moldings and trim pieces. At this point, all systems on your vehicle are checked, any service work is done, and a road test is performed.
7. Clean up and Delivery
We will clean your vehicle before you are notified of completion. The vehicle can get dusty, and we want to return your vehicle to you as clean as it was when you brought it to us. After cleaning, we will do a final inspection to make sure all repairs were performed as prescribed on your estimate, and that your vehicle is in its pre-accident condition. It is then we will contact you for pickup. At delivery, we will review the final bill, collect any funds due, and you will ready to take your vehicle home.